• A Man with a Purpose

    A Man with a Purpose

    What if a man was born with a specific purpose? What if this purpose would damn him to hell?

  • A Man Defined by his Actions

    A Man Defined by his Actions

    Shed light on this phantom like figure who has an uncanny ability to penetrate the mind and heart of countless women

  • Memoirs of a Seductionist

    Memoirs of a Seductionist

    These are 100% true accounts of love, sex , lust, addiction, seduction and of course... betrayal.

  • A Worthy Confession

    A Worthy Confession

    Peak inside the mind of a Seductionist and his insatiable desire to find an enchanted woman.

  • True Stories. Legendary Acts.

    True Stories. Legendary Acts.

    Desire and Lust has a purpose. See if you can decode the hidden meaning of this true stories.

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